The Reality of Change

One frustration my clients have is the rate in which they see change in their life. Whether that change is internal, such as reduced stress and worry or external, such as bringing the right people into their lives, their unrealistic expectations often sabotage their efforts.

Change is relative… to the amount of work we put in; to the level of distress we are experiencing and to the amount of support and validation we receive.

Change is not a clear path, we can’t just go from point A to point B without any bumps along the way. The roadblocks could be physical such as a lack of energy, they could be psychological, such as a lack of personal belief or they could be social, such as critical family or friends who are threatened by our efforts to better ourselves.

Change is also not a linear process, is it cyclical in that at times we make progress (and feel in control) and then other times we regress and appear to be going backwards. This can be particularly disheartening ​​​​and prompts some to ask what the point of it all is.

But there is always a point…a reason for every regression. Each time we revert back to old patterns of thinking, feeling and relating, an important trigger (or complex, schema, emotional state, etc…whatever best describes it to you) has fired. And with this, an opportunity to grow exponentially has presented itself.

No one likes adversity and discomfort, but we have embrace these to realize our own potential. It is through the many challenges life throws at us that our awareness is raised and we can see past the mist of our own projections of fear, guilt, etc. and find the next step in the path to follow.

One of the biggest challenges you will face is patience, with yourself and with the process of change. But no matter what you are working on, keep doing the work, accept set backs as part natural of the process, and know that the problem you face now may be the best life lesson you will ever learn.

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