Mapping Your Estrangement: Making Sense of Family Estrangement

An online workshop designed to help you disentangle the complexity of Family Estrangement

Are you struggling to understand and/or explain your Estrangement situation to others?

Despite how prevalent Family Estrangement is globally, affecting 1 in 4 families*, there is still a lack of information and training as to why it happens and how it affects those experiencing it.

However, estrangements are complex and thus hard to both make sense of, as well as explain to others.

To help find some clarity, Karl Melvin, Psychotherapist and Family Estrangement Specialist, presents this online (via Zoom) workshop, exploring the charactistics of an estrangement to help create a better understanding of the situation.

Based on the exising research as well as his clinical experience, Karl uses a 7-step approach to map out estrangements and establish an clearer overview:

1. Establish the Estranged Parties, to get a sense of how many people are affected and the potential losses incurred.

2. Explore the Estrangement Type, to understand the 8 types of distance and how these can change over the estrangement process.

3. Discover the Estrangement Nature, to understand if the estrangement was chosen to not.

4. Ascertain the Estrangement Approach, to understand if the estrangement status has been communicated or not.

5. Determine the Estrangement Method, to understand how the estrangement status has been communicated.

6. Estimate the Current Estrangement Length, to understand the rawness and uncertainty of the estrangement.

7. Seek the Estrangement Reason, to understand the cause of the estrangement.

During this 2 hour workshop, Karl welcomes any questions and hopes to help as much as possible.

And the workshop will also be recorded if you can’t make the live session or wish to re-watch later.

NOTE: You will receive the Zoom link after you sign up.

* Fault Lines: Fractured Family and How to Mend them

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