Living in FEAR

One aspect of personal growth is re-reflecting on lessons learned and area’s of our lives where we had moments of clarity but got pulled back into our unique version of “normal”.

From expert to beginner, I think this is true of everyone, no matter where we are on the path of development and is an important reminder to never take knowledge or awareness for granted.

And I had to remind myself of this recently.
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Co-Dependent, Interdependent, or Independent: Which one are you?

A question I get asked often is what is the difference between Co-Dependence, Interdependence and Independence.

From a social perspective and by virtue of the fact that we are part of the “system” (such as the need to pay bills and work for boss man/woman), we are all co-dependent in some capacity. To survive in the current economy/environment, we need to depend on institutions and individuals to ensure we can meet our own needs and get on with living.
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The Art Of Saying No: Boundaries And Difficult People

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have difficult people in their lives.

Now we all have our moments of humanity where stress takes over and we act in ways we regret later.

And then there are some who seem to thrive on setting unrealistic expectations, raising voices and/or using passive aggressive remarks to engage with their outer world…essentially “normalizing” unhealthy behavior and dragging others into their own psychological reality.
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Measuring Up: How Much Are You Worth

It amazes me how many intelligent (both emotionally and academically), focused and diligent people I cross paths with who completely devalue themselves.

Whether it is in business, in health, in relationships or any other facet of life, their worth is capped due to their own self-sabotaging predisposition to benchmark themselves with others.
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Making Mistakes: Negative Perception Vs Personal Truth

Many of my clients have a deep fear of making mistakes, mostly due to past consequences which were very real and left an emotional bruise which they still carry today.

We ALL make mistakes and at times we ALL have regrets. If we didn’t, then we wouldn’t be living.
And so they play it safe and avoid taking risks: staying in jobs where there is no progression, maintaining unhealthy patterns of eating due to lack of motivation to change or staying in a dysfunctional relationship due to fear of how others will be impacted by a breakup and making a HUGE mistake.
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