Depression: Climbing out of the pit

Despite practicing as a Psychotherapist for several years I still find it difficult to share my own experiences with depression. Fear of judgement and being labelled are all reasons why those who suffer from depression often just keep it to themselves.

This approach only makes things worse; the only way forward is to open up. It is vital that as a society we work to dispel the myths surrounding depression and create a platform for suffers to air their feelings without feeling judged. Continue reading “Depression: Climbing out of the pit”

Mens mental health

Men and Mental Health

My client was 32 and full of nervous energy. Suffering from anxiety and depression for several years, he came to therapy to find ways to letting go of an extremely narcissistic parent. Although he had physically cut the parent out of his life, psychologically the toxic presence was felt daily. He was anxious over any future conflict with the parent, as punishment for not fulfilling the role assigned to him. He was also heart broken which led to him falling into a deep hole. Single and hurt, he found it hard to find the right partner as anger he felt towards parent transposed into self imposed guilt which led to his inability to love himself. Continue reading “Men and Mental Health”