Living in FEAR

One aspect of personal growth is re-reflecting on lessons learned and area’s of our lives where we had moments of clarity but got pulled back into our unique version of “normal”.

From expert to beginner, I think this is true of everyone, no matter where we are on the path of development and is an important reminder to never take knowledge or awareness for granted.

And I had to remind myself of this recently.
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Making Mistakes: Negative Perception Vs Personal Truth

Many of my clients have a deep fear of making mistakes, mostly due to past consequences which were very real and left an emotional bruise which they still carry today.

We ALL make mistakes and at times we ALL have regrets. If we didn’t, then we wouldn’t be living.
And so they play it safe and avoid taking risks: staying in jobs where there is no progression, maintaining unhealthy patterns of eating due to lack of motivation to change or staying in a dysfunctional relationship due to fear of how others will be impacted by a breakup and making a HUGE mistake.
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Overcoming Claustrophobia

In the US alone it is reported that 5% of the population suffers from claustrophobia of varying degrees, from mild discomfort to extreme levels (source). Yet this fact is of no comfort to the sufferer.

Claustrophobia is the fear of being confined in enclosed spaces and not being able to get out. The most common examples where suffers experience anxiety include lifts and planes however they could easily find themselves distressed in any small room in any house or building. Continue reading “Overcoming Claustrophobia”