Karl’s Book

Published in 7th June 2024, global published Routledge released Karl’s first book Navigating Family Estrangement: Helping Adults Understand and Manage the Challenges of Family Estrangement. Karl wrote this in an effort to offer nuanced guidance to not just professionals who work with estrangement but also those who are personally struggling with this complex and painful situation.

This practical guide looks at how to effectively help estranged adults achieve better outcomes from a variety of perspectives. The author explores the difficulties of working with estrangement, including professional roadblocks such as the six biases that prevent connecting with a client’s experience. He delves into the unique seven-step Estrangement Inquiry Model that aims to provide important insight into a client’s family history, map out the present estrangement dynamic, and highlight the types of interventions to support their needs. Combining research from a range of different fields with the author’s decade of clinical experience, the book is supplemented with five comprehensive case studies to demonstrate the practical strategies that address estrangement challenges.

This book offers a clear and collaborative approach to a topic that will be relevant for a range of professionals, including psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors and social workers.

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Early Praise For Navigating Family Estrangement:
Estrangement is so common and yet so stigmatised, so to read a work on this subject is refreshing. Karl has managed to provide such a valuable insight for professionals and interested parties, with an intense and detailed study of the phenomenon. His own first-hand knowledge shines through and brings authenticity to a difficult and distressing societal reality. This book is a tool for anybody who wants to better understand estrangement and find ways of counselling and healing.
    • Jo Spain, bestselling author and screenwriter
In sharing his expertise on this important and often hidden topic, Karl Melvin’s compassion shines through each page. This book will be helpful to so many people. Karl Melvin explores the complex topic of family estrangement with kindness and compassion. Whether you have personal experience, or support people in a professional capacity, or perhaps both – this book is a must read.
    • Dr. Lucy Blake, Family Estrangement expert and author of No Family is Perfect
An important and refreshing addition to the emerging estrangement literature, Karl Melvin writes with authority and heart.
    • Dr Kylie Agllias, University of Newcastle and author of Family Estrangement: A Matter of Perspective
Karl Melvin’s book is essential reading for anyone navigating family estrangement. As an expert working in the field, Melvin’s compassion and attention to detail provides a comprehensive and thoughtful guide to help them through this difficult experience. This is a must-read.
    • Stella O’Malley, Psychotherapist and author of What Your Teen is Trying to Tell You